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ROZ BUSCH … Less Stress Traffic Online School, Inc. …DRIVING IDEAS!


This is an effort to offer the Home Study students, some insights into how the “less stress driving style” has worked to enhance her life.

This photo is of the author, ROZ BUSCH; taken in March 2008; who, in December, 2008 became a visibly “70 years young”. This is shown here and is being used to make the case for how the amazing “Less Stress” driving techniques appear to bring about BETTER HEALTH and maybe even offer an ANTI AGING element.

This author offers the idea that maybe; the #1 factor in maintaining her youthful appearance; is her be cool driving style. Roz Busch invites you to partake of her unique approach to enhance your well being and reduce your own stress and even delay aging, via the LESS STRESS ’be cool traffic school’ driving methods of: DRIVING, SURVIVING, & ARRIVING.
Having practiced what she preaches, with no tickets for 30 years, this extensive article is written to show how many of her real life situations led to the innovative concepts that make this one of a kind, super traffic safety course:
A MUST FOR ALL DRIVERS; that face the FRENETIC PACE of our times. This author seeks to offer ways to reduce the stressful aging chemicals in the body and the mind, through less stressful calm and easy…accurate driving,

Ever been to traffic school where you have been bombarded and terrorized with "Blood and Guts" movies and attacking lectures? Filling you with fears? Not educational ideas for safe driving! In 1980, after attending such a class, Roz Busch complained to DMV, and was advised to open a traffic school!

The rest is history! Roz Busch decided she could make a difference in how the driving public could be better served, by using educational themes, rather than punitive means to address violations.

In Studio City, Roz has held classes for more than 25 years on a steady basis, except when she was a pedestrian hit n run victim, a fractured pelvis kept her away from her classes for 4 months as noted in the LA TIMES article written by a student in the employ of the newspaper, who felt the irony worthy of reporting her injury. Being a victim as a pedestrian; of a HIT ’n’ RUN collision is a sad and sorry event! It was for Roz a chance to learn how any driver can be safer, and here is what she learned… about HOW …This too can be avoided by using some SAFE & new ideas about how to go from the trunk to enter the car safely. Cars without lights in the night are invisible! Beware! Walking from the trunk to the car is only safe; if you get back up on the curb, walk to the front of your car and, facing traffic wait to enter the driver side door……safely….AFTER ALL ONCOMING CARS HAVE PASSED BY!

Roz gained her driving knowledge at Cal State LA, University where she made the Deans list, studying Art and Criminal Justice. There she met her mentor, Dr. William Cole, PhD. Driver Safety Education, a major force for safety in California, with whom she confers on a regular basis. She states that he was the core of her inspiration and motivation that led to her efforts to be able to present to you a good, solid source of driver safety education!

Roz also took courses in Anthropology, Business-Government & Society, and Political Science; Legislative Analysis to prepare her curriculum. During the entire time spent at CA State LA, Mike Busch, curriculum editor and Partner in this online effort continued his efforts to support this effort.

Roz has a certification from the Rio Hondo College, Department of Public Service Administration; Justice Center for the successful completion of a course study in Advanced Traffic Accident investigation .

Roz is an avid researcher, focusing her efforts for over 25 years on the pertinent issues related to the road. Roz served on the DMV-SHSIP committee from 2008 -2009, and was sincerely honored to have had this wonderful opportunity to offer some input into the language of the new Parent - Teen contracts. DMV completed the SHSIP mission to add new laws to protect and enhance TEEN DRIVER EDUCATION adding new laws into the 2010 CA VEHICLE CODES.

STRANGE NEWS……BUT TRUE TOO! On February 19, 2010 Roz Busch, DMV Licensed Traffic Safety Instructor, and be cool author...was driving her car downhill on Laurel Canyon Blvd, in Studio City, which is the home base of these DMV and Superior Court Traffic Schools. Roz’s car went on fire, smoke came from the engine and there were no brakes and no steering…… It was clear that the only thing that was going to stop the car now careening downhill was the traffic ahead. She realized that it was the inevitable and in a moments notice….thought,

NO WAY….after working so hard for so long to bring SAFETY to so many students….she thought NO WAY….I am going to let this out of control car hit all those innocent people in all the cars..\

Suddenly the simple direct DMV STANDARDS she had been teaching for so long became knowledge that turned into power….and from the DMV DVD she has been showing her students….the voice of one of the Risk Management Experts, named Mr. Kester; came into her thoughts….and as he did speak on the DMV DVD…”LETS GO FOR A DRIVE” his gentle voice seemed to say….

ON THE DMV DVD…”there are options” “instead of hitting another car…. why not hit the PADDLE MARKER OR THE GUARD RAIL”…so, after so many years of delivering the simple DMV standard data…it turned out that the DMV data, was a total lifesaver! Roz did hit the guardrail, but the car did not stop, she hit it twice more and as a last resort, put the car into PARK…&…then the BURNING CAR TURNED OVER & OVER, it landed upside down and a young local actor cut her from the burning car as bystanders were YELLING “

……DO NOT GO NEAR IT …. THERE IS GASOLINE EVERYWHERE….she heard that and thought OH NO I AM TOAST…BUT….a young movie actor who was a former Marine, saved Roz from that terrible fate. His name is TRAVIS AARON WADE a real life HERO. Roz is forever grateful to him for his bravery, in the face of the intense heat! A Marine is always the best they can be, so a kind word for the Marines and all the military men and women is part of this story. Roz had a few cuts and bruises but she did not hit any of the many cars ahead…she did avoid harming others and even avoided the massive crash looming ahead, but only because……Roz had learned so much; just from the valuable information she had presented…over the many years of teaching the vital DMV information…it was that precise information that led her to surviving and beating the inevitable. she did even….


AHEAD instead Roz did use the DMV DATA & as was advised did in fact


These actions saved many lives and this story is only told so that if you are reading this, and if you are taking this course…please do PAY ATTENTION TO ALL THE DMV STANDARD DATA, it turns out to be very valuable data and it may just save your life…

THE DMV STANDARD DATA DID SAVE THE LIFE OF ROZ BUSCH…….photos of the car are beyond belief and do make the CASE FOR DRIVERS ED … AS IT IS PROVIDED BY DMV….you can enjoy learning these important ideas…THIS COURSE IS COURT APPROVED but it’s based entirely on the DMV STATE OF CALIFORNIA STANDARDS….the information PROVIDED BY THE BECOOL TRAFFIC SCHOOL is lifesaving…and the life you save may be your own, as in this CASE the life saving knowledge that did save a safety expert…after so many years of being a DMV LICENSEE!

Roz Busch was honored to be Interviewed and Featured in DMV 2010 SUMMER NEWSLETTER where she stated THE CASE FOR THE AMAZING VALUE OF DMV DRIVING STANDARDS!

Her approach is based on the premise that most people who get traffic violations are basically
good people but are simply undergoing a lot of DRIVING STRESS!


In addition to producing works of art, Roz has dedicated over 25 years to producing drivers … WHO CHOOSE to be safe and happy and TICKET FREE!

A very sad and personal experience in the distant past; is the underlying factor in her desire to help other drivers stay out of harms way! When she was 12 years old, a driver killed her 3 year old sister at a beach resort. That was the #1 factor that most impacted this curriculum and her dedication to safety.
Now she works hard to save someone else’s little sister, or brother, or mother or father or friend.
From the student letters she receives it does seem that she has made strides in reaching that goal!

Roz has been Syndicated in over 50 newspapers, including the LA TIMES; and WASHINGTON POST; CHICAGO, IL. TRIBUNE; LONG BEACH, CA. PRESS STAMFORD, CT. ADVOCATE; AN ARBOR, MI. NEWS; SARASOTA, FL. HERALD TRIBUNE; FLINT, MI. JOURNAL; READING, PA. TIMES; SAN FRANCISCO, CA. CHRONICLE, TELEGRAM, and more, featuring her unique ideas on Less Stress and “being cool” while driving.

On TV, in 1988, during an interview, Roz spoke with CHARLIE ROSE,
discussing in depth, the risks of Americans driving while engaging in ROAD RAGE. They discussed many things, including cell phone use. Now, 20 years later, it is illegal under the law to do so. The law moves very slowly, but surely!

Roz appeared on SAVE OUR STREETS during 2000 in a documentary on ROAD RAGE, where she is described as a person who is helping drivers deal with rage, while Auto Club of So. CA. revealed studies of deadly results, and other experts made the case for reducing anger and rage!

On Channel 5 Morning News with Sharon Tay, in 1999, an on camera visit, features Roz in her classroom, presenting a unique perspective on Distracted Driving! Roz says,
“ Give everyone a break, and mainly give yourself a break, TOO!”

On Channel 5 Nightly News with Hal Fishman, in 1988 reviewing a class on location in Santa Monica Holiday Inn, which featured Roz and a comedic instructor engaged in providing students with some safer driving ideas.

Instructing in her Less Stress Traffic School classroom, Roz presents (8hrs) or (12hrs) of Information, while packaging human interest, rational thinking and humor. Creating New Ideas and unique analogies that drive the point home. Not a boring repeat of the known Data, she brings new ideas and information that keep her audience in the moment ... wide awake and on the ball. She teaches “how we drive is how we live” to quote Dr. David Shinar, in his CSULA textbook, “Psychology on the Road”. Enhancing the driving publics’ view of their own self worth creates a safer and happy driver, by choice not chance.
Making a good case for drivers to see what they really mean to their own people,
in their own personal world, who need them and love them! Getting home safe daily is the goal.

Each driver has needs and wants to deal with every driving moment.
Roz defines the conflict of choice.

Stop! Versus Roll!
Need! Versus Want!
We all need spinach, but we all want ice cream!

It seems that as a society we do consume more Ice cream than Spinach! That is seen as pretty normal.

Getting a ticket is no fun, but it is also pretty normal. A California Roll is not sold in a bakery!
Rolling a STOP SIGN is a frequent behavior that is pretty normal on the part of many who engage in sharing the California driving experience!

The TV crash news is also part of what is normal.

Daily we look at carnage on the roads and still we persist in driving ourselves into oblivion.
Drivers can be oblivious of the obvious need for safety, believing that we can do it wrong and still make it come out right. Right?

The statistics state a recent increase to over 49,000 of Americans who die every year while driving Normal. We all need to look at what is wrong with driving normal!

Try accurate driving, it does work!

This is about SAFE & HAPPY, not about SAD & SORRY!

One of many testimonials referred to Roz as:

A CREATIVE FORCE FOR THE GOOD OF LIFE both … on the road and off!

We cannot only depend on technology, we must learn to believe that people can make good choices & drive safely!

After meeting thousands of traffic violators face to face it is clear that the drivers are smart, capable, interesting and even fascinating people who deserve the right to survive the drive.
A DMV license equals a well rated RESPONSE ABILITY that should make the difference!

The driving public is made up of very special people and safety is a very special gift you give to yourself.

No one can make you drive safely!

This is America, the land of free choice, safety is a good choice, and all these normal driving errors are risky business!


Roz Busch is a native New Yorker, who has made her home in California for more than 35 years. She is an official Sr. Citizen and AARP member.

After her over 25 years of teaching and maintaining her Less Stress approach, she appears less stressed and looks young for her years, with her petite frame and blonde hair. Roz had an opportunity to work as an actor and even appeared in a nationwide TV commercial for AT&T.

She got her start in New York as a fashion designer in the sixties, and traveled around the country and the world, from NY to Hong Kong, designing for many major corporations; working as a trouble shooter and design innovator; generating multi-millions of dollars in sales of fun clothing for people of all ages.

Roz Busch is an accomplished artist and sculptor. Some of her sculptural works inspired by nature’s wonders on display in her Studio City classroom include:

A stone hand carved bust of the infamous flying horse, which she created at UCLA, Titled: PEGASUS. A carved stone EAGLE, A carved RACE HORSE, a bonded bronze OWL, titled: “ Justice Natures Way” and a stone carving of the head of a lion, Titled: THE JUST LION. One of her works is a trilogy of the SPIRIT OF AMERICA which features a 3 sided unique carving of the buffalo, a profile of an Indian and the American flag. All 3 sides are different.

Some abstract paintings are in her portfolio as well as: her tribute to John Wayne, a true American Icon, in a sculpture titled..."Outspoken American". Roz honors him as she presents a bigger than life image of a heroic man, who brought to the screen the struggles and ideals of the driving forces that paved the roads of this great nation, facing the perils of the wild west in the early days, through his amazing talents and his movie making efforts to show us our American history, throughout his lifetime.

Upon receiving a commission for the “ Tree of Life” sculpture by the Chabad House in S. Monica; Roz attended Santa Monica University, and created a 14’ wide 20’ high sculpture of a “tree” as if it were in the forest. It too has a bigger than life look and bigger than life spirit, dedicated to honor the life giving work of the Jewish people; whose mission it is to help other people, seen on TV Chabad Marathons.

At St. Elmo’s Mission in the South Central area of L.A., a garden sculpture, donated by Roz of the ancient Asian Symbol of Mercy, titled Quan Yen, which was placed in a garden setting to exemplify the beauty of life when consciously; we are seen to be living, with consideration, mercy and justice for all.

.............A MEANING ........AND A HOPE…………..

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Thank you for choosing this course, we hope you will enjoy driving accurately and safely!

Driving accurately, ticket free and safely … is good for everyone!